Eastern European panic attacks, smokey NOLA jazz, the pop pipe dreams of vagabonds with internet access and the idea of losing your shit in public with a smile on your face and a whoop in your chest.

Christ, Lord is six people pulling influences from as far away as Eastern Europe and close to home noise filled US cities and their surrounding rings of endless suburbs. A band flirting with the electricity of music and the time and place it incapsulates. A votive flame to spirituality and sensuality, to universal love. The drums tease chaos and order. The stand up bass thumps and puts the devil in your feet. Trumpet , tuba, and guitar lines flirt with spotlights. An accordion and a feral tenor wrap in an eternal celebration cry to the heart. The mix of sounds bring yearning for the old country and new lives, shipwrecks and perfect meals between distant enemies and friends.

Christ, Lord fell together in the Darlington parking lot in 2009 and took its lessons in sound from everywhere – sweaty basements and smoke filled clubs to fancy restaurants and neon street corners. They’ve made magic alongside Atlas Sound, Dark Dark Dark, O’Death, Reptar, The Growlers, The Coathangers, Fire Water and Little Tybee.

Christian Ballew on vocals and accordion. Brandon Camarda on vocals and trumpet. Ryan Lamb on electric guitar. Adam Mincey on upright bass. Julian Hinshaw on Tuba.

Music is blessing in audible form. Filling the body with electricity, surpassing mental illness, allowing poor musicians to eat and drink amidst royalty and making tangible feelings otherwise unexpressed. It lights the match, ready to burn the whole village down for warmth. Trumpet and tuba swell. Guitar and drums accent hard and heavy. Bass and accordion gyrate back and forth. Amidst it all, the vocals come out and the whole room sways, warm on the floor till the lights come up.































-words by Billy Mitchell